2017 Baja Rally Kicks Off In Mexico

This is a press release from BAJA RALLY

Mexican Navigation Rally Clears Prologue Stage

The BAJA RALLY had a lot of fun preparing this year’s Prologue stage adding to the navigational challenge and slowing the pace as riders and drivers selected their lines cautiously around race-ending ruts left behind from summer storms.

But, as always, the trials only added to the fun! Las Cañadas Campamento – an adventure park carved out of Baja’s wilderness offering hiking, quad tours, zip lining and a water park – was the perfect backdrop for a bivouac. And even better environment to warm up the competitors giving them just a taste of what the organization is cooking up. Each day from here on out, the racers will be served a heaping spoonful of “Wait, what?” “Arrg” and a side of “Oh!”

And they can’t wait. In fact, after today, the teams are starving for more. Want to join the dinner party? Feast your eyes on the BAJA RALLY’s Facebook and Instagram feed (@BajaRally) for images, video and updates. Need more? Visit, www.BajaRallyMoto.com and www.BajaLiveStream.com to devour segments of live streaming all week long.

Baja Rally organizers look ahead to great days of rally racing

“It was a very good day on the Prologue Stage at Las Cañadas. 16km WRC-style circuit that led the competitors up a never-before raced canyon prior to joining the traditional more race sections. The stage finished at the iconic ACAMBARO, known for hosting checkpoints and pits. A lot of racers struggled with navigation but a few nailed it almost perfectly. It is harder than some people think. This rally and the stages that comprise it should not be underestimated. Four more days follow and they will be long and challenging.” – Scotty Breauxman, BAJA RALLY Founder

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